5 Major AI Advances in the Field of Media and Publishing

As you know, that Artificial Intelligence has become an important aspect of every industrial sector and a new buzzword of time. According to a survey done by International Trade for Broadcast and Media Technology, an average of 56 percent of survey participants want to invest in it.

From this survey, we can explicitly say that AI is making a tremendous difference in the field of media and publishing. Although there are various arguments regarding AI being a technology of disruption, people who got a vivid picture of its working to consider it as a blessing. So, let’s see how this Artificial Intelligence Algorithms works and why is it acknowledged so much.

Mechanical Journalism

In today’s world, everything has become involuntary or mechanical. Human civilization has begun a new era in the world of machines. Therefore, with digitalization, Artificial Intelligence is much more preferable than human intelligence.

If you are working in the field of media or any publishing houses, then you must know that these houses use AI to machine news reporting. Moreover, it also looks after the quality of the news. 

Did you know Washington Post used a mechanical reporter which published around 850 articles within their first year of launching? These 850 articles were of high quality and the content was relevant which was helpful for them to earn more clicks.

AI Algorithms helps the new houses to conduct their work in a streamline. It performs the daily work and helps to eradicate all types of fraud news. Additionally, it also wipes out the fraud elements and delivers interesting stories which are helpful in attracting people.

The technology of Artificial Intelligence Algorithms is also helpful to decide whether the trending topics are worthful or not. For this reason, it is pretty time-saving for the journalists and hence they can focus more on other significant parts of their work.

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Personal Preferences of the Viewers and Customers

As mentioned earlier, the technology of AI is said to be disrupting. Well, it is true that it causes disruption in the experience of media of the consumers but the technology is giving power to the media houses to understand the personal preferences of the viewers of the content.

With the help of the speaking artificial intelligence applications and chatbox, viewers can share their personal experience which can be used as reviews and feedback. This technology also helps to understand the psychology of the customers in a much better way.

For example, if you search for particular content on YouTube, you will find videos related to the same content later as well. Moreover, it also helps the media houses to understand the tastes and preferences of particular customers or viewers.

This also helps the media companies to provide their customers with preferable content and stay in the competition with other organizations.

The Processing of Natural Language

You may know that Natural Language Processing is a type of Artificial Intelligence which helps to automate the working of authors, publishers, and scholars. It accommodates to improve the whole working process. 

NLP is a combination of Machine Learning and Grammar Analysis. It assists in recognizing the structure of the sentences to bring out the meaning of it correctly. Furthermore, publishers who use NLP technology can perform the hectic task of formatting and editing easily. 

This makes the work of the publishers much easier as they can focus more on the quality of the content and submit their work on time. Also, it is helpful in the analysis of unstructured data from direct marketers, social media and many more.

Advancement in the Field of Analytics

AI is quite familiar among people as it can analyze both historical and current data using AI algorithms. Apart from that, it also forecasts data which in turn can be helpful to understand and predict the behavior of the consumers in the near artificial intelligence future. Moreover, it also helps in shaping a firm’s monetization policies. 

In this new era of data, AI helps the entertainment and media sectors to understand the psychology of their targeted audience so that they can function much better. This helps them to target advertisements and optimize the schedule of media.

Automatic Recognition of Image

Disorganizing image archives can surely cause a loss of economic value after some period of time. Therefore, it becomes difficult to find out the required images. Some AI-powered recognizing tools namely Google Research Image, API Cloud Vision, Amazon Recognition, etc are helpful to solve these problems. 

These powered tools recognize landmarks which are then added to a file’s metadata as tags. Therefore, saving the time of media and publishing houses for further streamlining and searching for the image archives.

Though AI is considered a disruptive technology by many experts in the coming years, the evolution of AI is expected. This will enable both media and publishing houses to offer the most accurate and reliable content to the targeted audience.

So, it is very important for media and publishing houses to invest in AI to get the best out of it. This will also help them to stay a step ahead for the future requirements of their audience.