8 AC Maintenance and Cooling Ideas for You (2020)

The climate is sweltering, and you need to cool yourself. How can you do that? The answer is straightforward, install the AC unit. It will deliver you a calm environment to relax in. Now that the machine helps you to stay calm in the scorching heat, you also need to take care of the appliance to keep it working in the long run. 

Maintaining it properly will help the machine to enhance the life span. You can also save money on unwanted repairs and damages caused by the machine. 

How does AC work?

Nowadays, most of the AC has two major parts- one is indoor, and the other is outdoor. The indoor unit releases the cool air in your room. The outdoor unit regulates and extracts the moisture from your room and releases it into the atmosphere. 

Additionally, the outdoor part also contains a condenser or the compressor and evaporator. The indoor unit also handles the air. The excretory water droplets gather in the drainage system and run out of the dedicated AC drains. 

Relax and Stay Cool 

Several maintenance and cooling tips will help you to run the machine in a perfect manner. With the help of these ideas, you will be able to face fewer problems with your AC, naturally. All you need to do is follow the ideas imparted by the experts of AC maintenance Dubai

  • Cleanliness is next to Godliness

You have to keep your AC machine clean and tidy as much as you can. Take a soft brush and first focus on the vacuum AC fins. Materials in the fins are very much delicate, and you have to clean them slowly and gently. After that, unscrew the outdoor section of the machine and remove all the dirt from there. When everything is done, make sure that you re-insert the screws to their respective places tightly. 

  • Unsink the AC Pads

In the outer unit of the AC, lies the heat exchanger. This regulates the hot air and moisture from your room and makes your room cooler. There are concrete pads present in the outer unit too. As the environment changes, certain dust particles and moisture deposits take place on the copper tubes. Until it is dry, all is just fine, but when it is wet, the pads just sinks in. 

It is ok to sink in, but too much sinking of the concrete pads will lead to a massive disaster. So, first, observe the situation. After that, make yourself clear whether you can do it by yourself or not. If not, then hire experts from AC maintenance Dubai, and they will work it out for you with ease. 

  • Super-Fans

You might live at a place where the central AC system plays a significant role in cooling your entire home. But, the cooling process needs to be faster in this type of large area. That is why turning on the fans will trigger the cool airflow. In addition to that, it will also increase the temperature of your thermostat attached. 

  • Maintaining AC Equipment

Air filters are one of the essential equipment responsible for delivering you cool air from the AC. It also protects you from inhaling invisible dust particles that are present in the air. If you take care of your machine, properly, then you need to change the air filter on a routine basis. 

Changing the filter is a delicate task, and the experts of AC maintenance Dubai will only be able to do that. In addition to that, the replacement procedure will also help you to save 10% to 20% of electricity as well. 

  • The Ultimate Cooling Regulator: Thermostat

The thermostat is such a device that shows you the room cooling temperature. Every degree matters the most for you and your family’s health. One of the main reasons for fixing the thermostat is to calculate energy consumption. Keeping the temperature constant at 8 to 11 degrees celsius will also help you to save electricity by 10% per year. 

  • Fill the Blanks 

No, you don’t have to complete a sentence here! The title actually means covering up all the blank spaces present in your room. As there are doors, windows, and ventilators in your room, you need to cover them up so that the cool air doesn’t penetrate outside. 

In addition to that, look for some kind of cracks in the walls that are sufficient enough to pass the air outside. If you cannot do it, call the experts of AC Repair Dubai. They have a special kind of glue with them that will help you to complete the job. 

  • Let the Sun Go Down

You have to block the sunlight coming to your room. If you are having a normal window pans, then before fixing the AC in your room, change them. Bring energy-efficient window pans that will block the sunlight as well as the heat. If you don’t have such a type of window, then just hang a thick curtain inside your room to block it.

  • Is there Too much Noise?

If you have an old AC machine, then you first have to understand that this is the 21st century, the age of modernization. Everyone is now up-to-date with their important gadgets. So, you also have to change your noisy old AC with the new one. As per the experienced AC professionals, they always suggest people buy a split AC device. 

The split AC machines are user-friendly in terms of use and maintenance. As it is said in this profession, ‘A noisy AC is the worst nightmare of owners and servicemen’. In some cases, if you are not able to change the machine itself, then hang a soundproof blanket in front of the machine to resist the sound.