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DhellandBrand is an online literary medium focused on providing with latest technology news, updates and Web development related articles. We are known for providing intelligent and well-written articles related to trends in technology and web development.

We are a medium for both readers and writers, and that is what makes us special. Within every reader, there lies a hidden writer and we want to bring that out of you and give you the privilege of writing for us. We are a recognized platform having organized and useful information for our audience.

Why should you Write for Us?

We welcome anyone who keeps interests in writing. Our platform has a broad spectrum of an audience from all over the globe who looks up to us for interesting technical news and Web development trends. We make sure your content reaches millions via social media sites and our website. You will get satisfying benefits for writing with us.

Bloggers, Technical writers, General content writers everybody can get in touch with us and show their capabilities. We will appreciate bloggers and content writers who can write useful and bright content for us.

Who Should Post in the Dhellandbrand?

All writing enthusiasts who have a passion for writing can get in touch with us. Writing for us can escalate your page’s reach to a broad group of readers. We have engaged millions of audiences in a few year’s time and ensured they get to know the latest updates and trends within hours of it is announced. You can be our writer partner if you want.

The Topics we are focussed on for Guest Post

DhellandBrand accepts articles and blogs which have absolute relevance to web development and technology. You can submit the latest news on technology, upcoming tech information, updates information and web development articles. Thousands of tech updates take place every day and our motto is to enlighten our audience with trendy and useful information.

For better understanding, let us put an example in front of you. It can be:

a) The Best Web Hosting providers in 2019

b) Top 5 Vendors with innovating Next-Gen Firewall Offerings

c) 8 crucial ways to use Artificial Intelligence in E-commerce

I hope now you understand the subjects we cast for our audience.

Abide by the Guideline of Writing

For years, we have made sure that our audience gets the information they need. We are recognized because our writers could impress millions by their writing. We do not entertain dumb errors and mistakes, because we constantly take care of our quality. Creating good content is an art we believe.

So, abiding by the basic rules is necessary.

Please go through these guidelines:

  • We will not entertain any article with plagiarism and grammatical mistakes. This means you can’t copy from other sources, you can take reference from them and write by yourself.
  • The minimum word count for writing is 1000. We do not accept less than the desired length. Keep in mind your content should be neither too long or too short.
  • We are completely against wrong or half-known information. So, while writing for us, do your research well. Wrong information can be quite harmful to our reputation and can create a bad impression on our audience.
  • Your content should have the potential to engage people. So try attractive headers and sub-headers. The information you want to share should reflect in the first few lines of your article. This way you can keep your audience engaged.
  • Don’t put spam or broken links in the content. It can affect our reputation. 
  • While writing any topic, you must remember that the article must focus on relevancy and usefulness. Useless information can eat away readers’ time and create aversion with readers. We can’t let our audience lose interest in our articles.
  • You have to be a regular writer. If not, at least try to submit one article of 1000 words a week.
  • As we told you, creating good content is not less than creating a good song. Visual is something that really engages the audience. Going through a 1000 words article can be monotonous, so try to use visuals in between to keep your readers entertained. Using useful images,micro-videos, Gifs, and animations in your article can increase interest in readers.
  • Last but this is a must. You have to put one relevant backlink in a proper place in your content.

How an Article is Submitted and Published?

Reaching us is really simple. To be our writing partner, Contact us to submit your reviews and articles. Once your form or mail reaches us, we will get in touch with you as soon as possible. But, After you submit an article, it will go to our editor’s team for checking and analyzing errors and mistakes. If there are a few errors, we will accept it. But dumb grammatical mistakes and more than 2 percent of plag can’t be accepted. We told you earlier we do not entertain mistakes and flaws.