8 Tips that Actually Work While Selecting the Best Law Firm in UAE

8 Tips that Actually Work While Selecting the Best Law Firm in UAE

Everyone has to seek legal advice from an expert lawyer or advocate at some point in their life. Legal services are no exception from other kinds of services and products. You need to research a lot while picking up the right legal assistance for you. On the other hand, the lawsuits of the UAE are influenced by Shariah law. So, the lawyers should have a remarkable proficiency and grip over the lawsuit and jurisdiction.

Apart from this factor, there are multiple points that need to be noted while choosing the appropriate one from the international law firms in Dubai. Most of us rely on the internet and search engines to find out the popular faces among the legal expertise. Additionally, you need to bear in mind that the following factors would keep you one step ahead of the competition when it comes to choosing the best law firm. Be it for your business or family matters, we believe that you should deserve the best legal help and advice. So, go through the following factors:

Peek into the Name

Initially, you will meet numerous tycoons of legal professionals. However, look at their names, beforehand. While you are hiring a firm for legal services, make sure that the firm should have not only legal consultants but also lawyers and advocates. Fotis International Law Firm is one of the best international law firms in Dubai and they have the most efficient lawyers and legal professionals around the world. 

Moreover, when you reach a point of litigation, only an advocate or solicitor can help you out. Therefore, ensure that you are investing in the right legal services according to the future perspective. Do check the legal qualifications of in-house experts of the law firm before deciding anything else.

Include Experience in the Checklist

Any wrong statement in the legal documents can fire a boomerang against you. So, you don’t want to take any chances with that, right? Additionally, in the UAE, all the legal documents are mostly written in Arabic. Hence, accuracy and proficiency in different languages are the factors that you can’t overlook.

On the other hand, the lawyers should be fluent in diverse languages to understand the demands and legal requirements of clients. Any translational or misinterpretation error can bring on devastating changes to your court representation. Appoint such a law firm that has vast experience in handling both domestic and international legal affairs. Besides this, don’t forget to sneak into the language efficiency.

Impeccable Court Representation

Not every advocate possesses the authority to represent your legal cases in the higher courts. For instance, any advocate should have a minimum of five years of experience in courts to represent a client in the Court of Cassation. When business and its legalities are your priorities then you should check whether the lawyers and advocates of the law firm are capable of that functionality.

Moreover, when you need to deal with litigation and similar legal complications, the international law firms in Dubai should deliver these amenities. Therefore, ensure that the lawyers of the law firm have the appropriate license of the Government of Legal Affairs Department.

International Membership

he ‘international’ tag might be present everywhere but don’t get fooled. Especially when you are looking for an international law firm in Dubai. Check if the law firm is actually working with international legal networks and bars. 

So, what’s the advantage of choosing an international law firm? It just adds the needed standard for tackling the most tricky legal affairs with more efficiency. On the other hand, clients can seek legal help on foreign lawsuits and enforcement with the international law firms in Dubai. And, Fotis International Law Firm is one of the top-notch international law firms in the UAE.

Don’t Halt the Search

Once you have landed on a few law firms that suit your priorities, don’t just stop. The lawyers and advocates are the spines of the law firm. Thus, keep searching for proficiency and factors that would be beneficial for your legal requirements. 

You need to stick to the very end of the legal cases with those shortlisted lawyers and the law firm. It’s better that you do all your preliminary research so that you can keep legal confusion away along with the case proceedings.

Remuneration System

Bearing the expenses of legal affairs can be quite hectic. However, higher fees of lawyers and legal consultants don’t interpret better legal services. So, be smart while selecting the right law firm in terms of the remuneration system.

Moreover, the law firm should have specified the payment scheme. Whether it’s per hour or a fixed rate, be aware of payments in advance, too. So, check if the fee system is clearly defined or not. Don’t get trapped in a hidden charge one.

Observe Client Reviews

Be it arbitration, dispute resolution, debt recovery, or family affairs, the international law firms in Dubai should have dedicated lawyers for such legal issues. Whatever your legal specialization be, the easiest way to find out the justification is through client reviews.

Notice whether the existing clients of the law firm are happy with the legal services from the law firm. In addition to this, check what the clients are talking about in that particular practice area that you need to hire for your legal requirements. Then, make your final call.

Conduct a Tour in the Law Firm

Before you hire your lawyers and legal consultants from the international law firms in Dubai, meet them. You can conduct interviews with those lawyers and attorneys before hiring them. Most professionals facilitate a consultation period for an hour or for free, initially. 

Additionally, you can have a tour around the law firm. If you find that interview not so fruitful then you can interview other lawyers and solicitors too from the same firm. Don’t forget to ask about practice behaviour, integrities, and capabilities.


When you are satisfied with the above-mentioned checks, you can proceed with hiring the law firm at your legal service. However, make sure that legal professionals are available to help you at the right point of time. Hopefully, these tricks would do the job of finding reliable international law firms in Dubai.