Microsoft’s AI Whiskey: The Face of the Future

We all are familiar with the changes AI brought in today’s modern world. Researchers tried to use technology everywhere in all sectors. But have you ever thought of AI whiskey? Yes, you read it right. 

It was quite astonishing for the realm when Microsoft declared the world’s first whiskey made by AI. Including that, it was made in collaboration with Swedish distillery named Mackmyra Whisky of the technology company Fourkind.

 So, let’s take an intriguing look at the article to get a comprehensive knowledge of AI Whiskey and how it can be the face of the future.

History of Whiskey

Over a thousand years ago, traveling monks went to discover new worlds from mainland Europe. Their ways led them to countries like Scotland and Ireland.

There they found and gathered wisdom regarding the knowledge of distillation. It is the technique of extracting and making liquid purify. 

Since they lacked in vineyards and grapes from their native location. So they applied the idea of fermenting grain mash which is a solution of water, grain, and yeast.  This led to the introduction of the first whiskey to the Earth.

The word ‘whiskey’ is derived from a Gaelic word uisce which means water. Distilled alcohol was called in Latin as aqua vitae or water of life

This got transformed into Old Irish by the name uisce beatha before distinct emphasis in early English, it gives you the whiskey you know today.

From these initial beginnings, whiskey formation went viral globally. Thus, starting from Ireland and Scotland, it went to countries like Japan, the US, Australia and so on. 

With each distillery infusing their peculiar soul into each and every blend, this ancient traditional art has traveled cultures and boundaries. 

Mackmyra Whisky is Sweden-based is one of such distillery. This is the outcome of a combined decision of eight friends to produce their own whiskey in the year 1999.

Since then it has won many international prizes and awards. Also, Whisky Magazine’s hall of fame introduced its master blend recently. 

Mackmyra is creating the world’s first whiskey powered by AI by joining hands with Finnish tech company Fourkind and Microsoft. It requires deep-rooted tradition, human skills & expertise to create an AI whiskey.

1,000-Year Old Traditional Whiskey Meets Advanced 21st-Century Technology AI

To study the role of an AI-based whiskey, you need to understand the unique character of whiskey at first. 

Its tastes depend on its blend. The challenge lies in how you bring the traditional taste of whiskey with the help of AI.  

It is really interesting to see AI, which forms a part of our digital development, producing a high-quality whiskey. 

The very first AI whiskey involves a time-consuming procedure will release. A lot of skill is important for its preparation as whiskey creation is more art than engineering. 

AI Creation Increases Curiosity in Humans

Humans have always chosen the different composition of components and wooden barrel to produce different blend combinations.

Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform and Azure cognitive services at present use the distillery’s machine learning models. 

These are linked with award-winning Mackmyra’s existed recipes, sales data, and customer choices. 

With the help of this data, AI can create as much as 70 million flavors that it supposes will be familiar.

Also, AI generates the highest variety based on what type of barrels are there in the storehouse. This is as swift as a human who carries out the process manually.

Thanks, to the algorithm’s capacity to analyze and calculate a huge amount of information. The new and creative compositions that would be impossible to find is now possible through AI.  

It is to note that AI is not a substitute for Master Blender. The expertise knowledge of a human is important in whiskey creation. Thus, making a master blender is not a risky job as AI is a Human creation. 

The Wait is Over

Well, you do not have to wait long to taste Mackmyra’s AI-generated whiskey. You will get this product on the market very soon from Autumn 2019. 

This is the first time that AI whiskey will be out in the market as per distilleries. However, it should be noted that whiskey is just the beginning.

A Machine Learning Partner at Fourkind said that can have an influence in different sectors worldwide.

Apart from that, AI systems are also creating slips for sweets, scents, beverages, and other products.  Some of the items are tried but a large-scale adoption is required.

We all are keenly looking forward to the AI spirit with a fresh-keeping look, a feeling of the brands as well as being new and unique. 

AI breaks boundaries and creates a new taste and flavor with the ingenuity and expertise of a human. Microsoft said its time for your favorite booze to come from a bot and widespread.