Myths & Reality: The Future of Artificial Intelligence

It’s the machine learning algorithms that are behind all that AI does. And that has created a lot of confusion among people irrespective of them belonging from tech or non-tech communities.

Now, I believe that having misleading ideas about technology is as great as that of artificial intelligence. It is not only wrong but unproductive as well.

That’s the reason why I’ve put together this article here to clear the confusion once and for all.

Here, you’re going to witness the debunking of certain pop culture myths regarding AI. With that, I’m going to tell you how the thing actually is. Thus, you’ll end up having a much clearer idea of it. So, let’s get into this without any further ado.

Precursors of Myths: The Future of Artificial Intelligence  

So, What Led to All these Myths Regarding AI? Well, to be more precise, books and movies of science fiction genre are responsible for such misconceptions regarding AI. However, it’s not that simple.

There’s a thing called negative cognitive bias in the human brain. And because of that, people focus a lot more on the negative side of things.

Same is the case for these myths regarding AI. Following that, movies and tv are working as adding fuel to the fire.

And thereby these delusions are painting a gloomy picture of a totally dystopian future, in examining the future of Artificial Intelligence.

But let me assure you that it’s just not the case in any way. And in the next section of this article, I’m going to demonstrate it all for you.

With that, you’ll be seeing artificial intelligence technology in a much more favorable way that will help you understand that it is not totally evil or something to be cautious of, all the time.

4 Deceptive Myths Regarding AI & Machine Learning Algorithms 

There are more than just 4 myths regarding AI and Machine Learning algorithms that run that. But you might ask why I’ve chosen these 4 over the others?

Simple. Because if we don’t get rid of all the false impressions and debunk these from the get-go, then we’ll be doing ourselves a total injustice.

That way, we’ll just be delaying the effects of AI that are going to work to our advantage and which, let’s face it, is going to be the majority of the ones.

AI is Just Another Software Development Project 

Well, yes. And no. It depends on how scientists and engineers are approaching the creation and design of artificial intelligence. This is because it has a huge resemblance to the methods and protocols that software developers adopt.

However, as soon as the similarity fades, the rest of it becomes different. Now the most common difference that comes to mind is the output and working environment of the two.

With software, developers are putting together code blocks and running them in a test environment which they can control. But that’s not the case with AI and machine learning.

In the case of the latter, the test environment is a lot more varied and is always in a state of evolution. It has to deal with a lot of different variables than a test software would. With that, comes the need for very different kinds of infrastructures and more capable hardware.

So, you can see that AI working with machine learning isn’t just another software development project.

More Data for Better Results 

This is true but incomplete. As the data used for training the AI can be very advantageous. But that pales in comparison to high quality and methodical variation of the same.

Yes. Quality over quantity. Data is available in huge quantities today, but that’s no reason for being complacent. As getting all of that and throwing it into the mix can be rather inefficient. 

Valid for Tech Enterprises Only

Again, a big no. And it’s pretty obvious why.

First things first. Artificial intelligence is in a state of development, and won’t be able to replace the current business systems. And that’s mainly what the different tech companies are going to deal with.

We all know that early adopters aren’t always right with the decisions they make. However, this thing applies here as well.

In its current operational forms, AI is going to be relatively limited in terms of capability. There’s also the fact that at the end of the day AI is going to help companies tackle everyday issues.

Now, this is not only limited to tech companies but is part of the operations of every business.

AI to Replace Human Faculties Completely 

It’s like whenever we hear the word ‘artificial’, it rings an alarm bell in our mind.

But there’s no need for it to be like that. And let me tell you that AI isn’t going to replace us, humans, anytime soon.

Of course, menial jobs are going to go away because of AI. But that is for the competition aspect between humans and AI.

There are certain cognitive capabilities we possess, which we haven’t figured out how to teach to the AI yet.

It involves getting bored with tasks and the desire to do more. However, boredom is going to act as an added advantage over here.

Thus, you see these are the 4 things about AI that isn’t true. And thus, there’s no reason for you to spend your time fussing about that.