3 Reasons Why DIY Web Design Won’t be Beneficial

Some of the significant web hosting segments offer DIY website builders. When you get the first overview, it seems that there are a lot of possibilities of financial savings on small, medium, and large scale businesses. Just think, why will you ask a web designer to help you out when you can design your website on your own?

There are some glitches that you can face while you are interacting with the DIY web design. They have the ability to trick you into thinking that they have some special skill set. In addition to that, they will also place the details about some of the most reputable website comparisons, in the market, in front of you. And, this is the core reason why you should hire a professional designer instead of a DIY design. 

Common Mistakes of a DIY Designer

When a particular DIY designer designs a website, he/she lacks adequate performance. Here are some of the common mistakes that you might face. 

  • Pictures, clickable radio buttons, and normal buttons take time to load
  • Non-user friendly design layouts
  • The functions are complex and take more time to understand
  • Design is not at all attractive for business purposes

For these mistakes, DIY designers cannot create a positive impression on customers. 

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Reasons Why DIY Designers Failed to Cut It

Let’s get on to the important reasons why the DIY designer failed to pose a positive impact on the web designing industry. 

1. Barriers on your Website 

As per the industry standards, DIY designers are limited in their knowledge. This shortage of expertise creates a barrier to your website design. It lacks a reasonable user-interface, works slow, and other factors are emerging. Thus, your business strategies and policies get backfired. In such cases, you need to sit down and create a list of the items that you need on your website. 

In addition to that, you must include the SEO optimization procedure. Analyze the list and decide whether the SEO optimization will be on the front end or the back end. If you hand over entire web development to a DIY developer or a designer, then they are most likely to make mistakes. So, you need a professional expert to assist you. 

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2. Lack of Important Back-End Functionality

The DIY designers actually provide the front-end functionality on your website. It is like you have just cleaned your room with all the dust and dirt under your bed. This is not a good way to create a website. At the front-end of a website, you must have a catchy and impressive website design. 

At the back-end, you must have a perfect SEO (Search Engine Optimization). It will be a better idea that you do the SEO at the front-end too. Poor coding and complex designs can also affect your business. It poses a negative impact on the people due to the improper appearance of the PC and mobile version of your website. 

3. Improper Mobile Functionality

Apart from laptops and desktops, nowadays smartphones are dominating daily human life. People prefer to look for their desired content on mobile rather than opening a desktop/laptop. Certain statistics say that more than 53% of web traffic and 63% of retail traffic comes from mobile devices. 

Thus, most of the customers say that they are not eager to accept an improper website that is compatible with mobile devices. Improper mobile functionality occurs due to low image stabilization, building a common URL, absence of search functions, and others. 

DIY designers can build a mobile website with low image stabilization and optimization. In doing so, the website lags behind all the other websites and has more loading time. So, you have to hire a professional website developer to solve the issue. The experienced developers will build a separate URL for mobile as well as PC. They will also introduce the search functions with a search algorithm. Thus, you gain overall benefits.